Visit This Website to View a Variety of Jewelry With Different Gemstones

It’s unlikely that children digging in the backyard or on a sandy beach will ever come up with a precious gemstone, no matter how many beautiful rocks they find and collect. Those stones are nearly always located far beneath the Earth’s surface, requiring mining to bring them out of the ground. To view a variety of jewelry featuring precious stones, people may visit this website and do some shopping if they like.

Still, people may be curious as to where they might be able to find gemstones if they were to put forth the effort. Many precious stones are mined in the United States, and sometimes rock hunters are fortunate enough to make their own discoveries when they know where to look. This typically requires travel and effort, though. They find their favorite gems more easily when shopping for jewelry online.

In this country, most gems still under the Earth’s surface are found in the western states, although a few other states boast underground stores of these precious items.

Arizona: Turquoise and More

Arizona is the leader in the United States for stones that might be found at a shop such as Adina’s Jewels. People generally connect Arizona with turquoise, but many other gems can be found here too. Some of those include opal, amethyst, jade and garnet.

Other Western States

Oregon, Utah, California, Colorado, Idaho and Nevada also are known for gemstone mining. Oregon is mainly associated with feldspar, Nevada with black opals, and Utah with topaz and red beryl. Topaz is the official state gem of Utah. Turquoise is found in California, and so is tourmaline. A large number of precious gems are produced by Colorado, including diamonds.

The Gem State

Idaho is nicknamed the gem state, even though many U.S. residents mainly associate Idaho with potato production. The list of precious stones found here is long. Some of the most noteworthy include opal, star garnet, jade and topaz.

North Carolina

Of the gem-producing states not located in the west, North Carolina ranks highest for precious stone production. People are invited to prospect in several sites in exchange for a reasonable fee. The state is known for emeralds, aquamarine, rubies, sapphires and many others.