A Practical Overview, Good and Bad, of the New Lull Mattress

No mattress is completely and utterly perfect, but the full lull mattress gets pretty close. The memory foam lull mattress is a fantastic place to start for anyone frustrated and anxiety-ridden over their current (and underwhelming) mattress, and want to upgrade on a budget. What is this mattress all about?

An Introduction

The lull mattress is designed to contour to the back. It also works to reallocate heat that is caught between a sleeper and the mattress, which can cause that obnoxious stickiness. These two features can be found with an $800 price tag. The firm but subtle mattress gets any buyer on track for a nice and restful night of sleep.

Are There Any Cons?

The full lull mattress is not flawless. Any good review elaborates on the features that keep the product from being the best purchase possible. Though the lull mattress does a lot right and the price is favorable, to say the least, it does come with a few mild concerns. Firstly, the mattress has a “new smell” that can actually be distracting. It is not like a new car smell, which anyone in their right mind would say is ideal (and could stay as long as possible). A new mattress smell, for those unfamiliar, is slightly dank and chemical-based. It is not ideal. Fortunately, it does fade away in a short period of time, though for the first few weeks, it could be an annoyance.

New in the Game

The provider is also a rather new company, and their longevity in the industry is not quite established. This could play out in a few ways. Will the warranty withstand the test of time? Does the company have an infrastructure to support customer complaint contacts or general customer service? These things remain to be fully known, and only the passing of time can determine if the company has what it takes to compete.

Overall, it is a powerful first swing. For a new company, the lull mattress knocks it just about out of the park. Be sure to look online at this page for further details about this product, and more, while shopping around for that next great mattress.